While the phrase "Limit Break" is not officially used or mentioned in Problem Sleuth, the mechanics are similar enough to warrant naming the following attacks after this moniker because it's so obvious to anyone that has played this game before that they would know what is going on.

Limit Breaks are unique, powerful attacks available during a point of time in Problem Sleuth. The name is derived from that game with the spiky haired protagonist that you all probably know about anyway.

During the ascent of the Cathedral of Syndetic Ascension, Problem Sleuth was fighting his way through several Beasts and other foes in order to get to Mobster Kingpin's office. As this was occurring, Mobster Kingpin was fighting Hysterical Dame and Nervous Broad along with the female version of Ace Dick. As characters took damage from attacks, certain gauges would fill up for their respective alter-ego, allowing access to unique attacks.

Communal Birds

Each communal bird, save the clemency owl

Problem Sleuth has a Clemency Owl, which is linked to Hysterical Dame as she takes damage. When his Parliament Uproar maxes out, he can use his Trusty Knives to deal vicious amounts of damage. Conversely, Hysterical Dame has an Empathy Magpie which is linked to Problem Sleuth has he takes damage. This in turn increases her Charm Break! Meter, which allows her to use the Kiss of Death.

Ace Dick, and the other two versions of him all have the same animal, a Rapport Peacock. If any Ace Dick takes damage, the Rapport Peacocks flip out, filling the Ostentation Drive meter, which allows an even more incredible version of the Truffle Shuffle be delivered to an awaiting foe.

Pickle Inspector has no animal to speak of. Perhaps he is not a violent type or mayhap it's because Nervous Broad took no damage during the battle with Mobster Kingpin. He also had no target with which to release the attack upon either, other than that annoying professor. Nervous Broad has a Affinity Crow, and upon Pickle Inspector's subsequent death (due to being a bit foolish by playing with a Window), it immediately filled her Murder Flux! meter, allowing her to use Nervous Breakdown.

After the gauges have been used once they have not appeared again, as they are most likely only available for use just once.