John fighting liches

Liches are a type of enemy in Homestuck, first seen in the Land of Light and Rain. They appear to be a mid-level enemy. They have bipedal bodies and skeletal heads with large horns. They also wear tattered harlequin outfits and may possess bird heads, wings or tentacles due to prototyping.

In modern fantasy, Liches are typically wizards who have used their powers to gain life after death, which may be the reason for the skeletal heads. Whether these Liches have any powers or not has yet to be seen, as they were quickly dispatched as soon as they were discovered.

Caulk LichEdit

The only type known by name so far. These have a pale grey color and attacked John Egbert when he entered the ruins that Mom and Maplehoof explored.

Rose Lalonde later made quick work of two of them after alchemizing the Thorns of Oglogoth.

Hivebent LichesEdit

Equius Zahhak and Nepeta Leijon were seen fighting a number of unknown pink and purple Liches on LOLCAT, during the flash "Make her pay"Sburb Logo. These liches may be associated with already revealed pink and purple grist such as Amethyst or Marble, but this has not been confirmed, as no grists were mentioned by name during the entirety of the trolls' session.