Legendary jazz musicians

In Order: Blind Willie "Buttermilk" Stubbs, Father "Blind Pappy" Ramblin' Jackson, and Earl Stokes "Can't See a Damn" Molasses Fatts.

There are 3 Legendary Jazz Musicians in Problem Sleuth, Buttermilk Stubbs, Ramblin' Jackson, and Molasses Fatts. They're all blind as a bat, and full of piss and vinegar. Problem Sleuth can summon them in his Battle technique, Brass Tacks for a fee of 3000 Spondulicks. Buttermilk Stubbs attacks with his Clarinet, Ramblin' Jackson attacks with his trumpet, and Molasses Fatts attacks with his Tuba. Their attack did moderate damage to Morthol Dryax and his Zombie Hired Muscle.