The Labrynthine Sudocube Comprehsensile is the end result of the game of Wizard's Sudoku played between Death and Pickle Inspector. It is a large cube covered in Sudoku cells in which numbers and doodles have been drawn, with one side's cells filled in to resemble a teapot. Its construction was incredibly serious business.

After using Armistyx and acquiring Death's Scythe, Problem Sleuth used it to aggress against DMK; one of its transformation states was the Labrynthine Sudocube Comprehsensile.

Later, Captain Snoop falls through the hole in the top of the Labrynthine Sudocube Comprehsensile. Pickle Inspector spins the universe to guide the bust through the maze and come out the bottom hole unharmed. The Sudocube, bested, teleports into Death's hands and reads, "You're A Winner."

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