Kickstarter is a site that allows projects to be set up for crowd-sourced funding.

Homestuck Adventure GameEdit

HSKS tumblr

On September 4th, 2012, the Homestuck Adventure Game Kickstarter campaign was initiated, the initial funding campaign for what became Hiveswap.


To entice potential backers, the Kickstarter offered several rewards. Anyone backing at $15 or more will receive a digital download of the game, and all backers will have exclusive access to a behind-the-scenes blog that provides weekly production updates. Those backing above $15 could get items such as soundtrack downloads, art prints and physical game copies, some of which will be signed by Andrew Hussie. Even higher tiers were rewarded with merchandise packs from What Pumpkin that include pins, stickers, t-shirts and tote bags.

Most of this merchandise is currently exclusive to the pledge drive, but some of it may be offered in the What Pumpkin store later, depending on what kind of reception it gets (for instance, the Snoutpaks sold out very fast, indicating the popularity of the plushes).

At the top of the reward tiers, anyone who pledged $10,000 - the largest amount Kickstarter allows an individual to pledge - became a "god tier backer", and their fan troll became a canon Homestuck character that appeared in the comic. Higher god tier rewards were available outside of the Kickstarter, each ten times more expensive than the last. These tiers were largely for humour value and never selected by any backer:

  • At $100,000, the canonised fan troll will survive for more than one page
  • At $1 million, the fan troll becomes "the most important character in Homestuck"
  • At $10 million, Hussie will "like" a tumblr post from the backer's blog
  • At $100 million, Hussie will "reblog" a tumblr post from the backer's blog
  • At $1 billion, Hussie will write a courteous thank-you note to the backer, and deliver it on a social media platform of their choice.

Stretch goalsEdit

After the full amount of money asked for was raised, a series of stretch goals were announced with the aim of funding ports to other platforms and adding more items to the backer rewards. Funds raised from these goals will be added to the game's budget and be used to increase its production values. The final stretch goal revealed, at $2.5 million, was quickly met during the PayPal phase of the campaign.

$800,000 Mac OSX support for the game.
$850,000 A kids and cherubs sticker sheet, based on Shelby Cragg's cover art for the coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B music album, was added to all $105+ reward tiers.
$900,000 Linux support for the game.
$950,000 A Sburb logo keychain was added to all $105+ reward tiers.
$1,000,000 The game will be translated into French, Italian, German and Spanish.
$1,100,000 The signed art print was added to any $105+ reward tiers that did not already include it, and backers who pledged $50+ were given the opportunity to beta test the second and third parts of Openbound.
$1,250,000 The physical copy of the game will also be available on a Homestuck-themed USB drive.
$1,500,000 All backers will get to beta test the Adventure Game. In addition, two kid shipping sticker sheets were added to all $105+ reward tiers, and three troll shipping sticker sheets were added to all $300+ reward tiers.
$1,750,000 An art book documenting the making of the game will be made.
$2,000,000 Two random embroidered patches – selected from the kids', trolls' and cherubs' symbols – are added to all GAMEPAK2 reward tiers. With them comes the statement, "This pairing is your officially designated OTP." – signed, officially, Andrew Hussie.
The main Kickstarter campaign concluded at $2,485,506; the below goal was met through PayPal.
$2,500,000 A digital copy of Homestuck will be included with physical copies of the Adventure Game.

Results Edit

The Kickstarter campaign concluded with total funds raised reaching $2,485,506, not including PayPal donations. Although due to development delays the game didn't make its initially projected 2014 release date, the first episode of the game, entitled Hiveswap, was delivered on September 14th, 2017. Three further episodes (acts), are to follow, each as its own game episode, and a second game, Hauntswitch, is set to follow, also comprising four episodic acts.


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