TG: the thing costs 1000 for me

The Jumper Block Extension is an object with that costs 1000 build grist to deploy, and seems to become available in the Phernalia Registry for all server/client connections after the first, along with the CD and Punch Card Shunt.

Used in conjunction with a Punch Card Shunt and a Punched Card, it allows the user to alter the function of the Alchemiter in a manner related to the item that the punched card codes for. For example, the blender card blends up the totem insertedSburb Logo, rendering the Alchemiter useless.

It is also seen that the Jumper Block Extension can only be added to the side of the Alchemiter, forcing Jade to have to move the AlchemiterSburb Logo to install this addition.

Jumper Block Extension connected with Alchemiter

If a card punched with the Jumper Block Extension's code is inserted into a shunt and attached, the machine becomes incorporated into the side of the Alchemiter by creating a panel with 8 slots for punched cardsSburb Logo. This also eliminates the need for more than one Punch Card Shunt, because you can simply slip the punched card into the slot.

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