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Jude Harley[1] is a character who will feature in the upcoming video game Hiveswap. His role and involvement in Hiveswap remains unknown, though he is the younger brother of Joey Claire. His shirt symbol appears to be a flying saucer. Jude is prone to paranoia and conspiracy theories about his and Joey's strange hooded neighbors. He owns a squad of carrier pigeons called The Lone Gunbirds.


Jude lives at Harley Manor in the town of Hauntswitch on Earth, in the B1 universe. In the year 1994, 15 years prior to the beginning of Homestuck, he is outside playing with his sister Joey and their dog Tesseract when they are suddenly attacked by a black multi-legged monster. This forces Joey to lock herself in her room to escape the creature; however Jude helps her make her way to the safety of the Manor's attic, where he has been keeping a mysterious cherub-themed device. Joey unlocks the front of the device with a swirly key and it turns out to be a portal which sucks her inside, shooting her to the planet Alternia in the A2 universe.

Relationships Edit

As the genetic son of Grandpa Harley and A. Claire he is a genetic half sibling to both John Egbert and Jade Harley. Adoptively speaking he is Jade's uncle. Betty Crocker and Colonel Sassacre would be his estranged adoptive Great-Grandparents and Nanna his estranged adoptive aunt, as Grandpa Harley likely would have never informed him about his former family as he ran away and broke ties with them. Pictures in his home show that he met a young version of Rose's Mom at least once, and the Steam Greenlight page confirms her as their babysitter.


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