John Egbert

John Egbert2


John disguised

John homosuck

Homosuck John Hat

Dream John

John Godtier

John Godtier - Hood down

John Egbert Spade

John Egbert Suit

John Egbert Ghost Suit

John Egbert Wise Guy


John Egbert Vriska Outfit




i don't know. i...
i don't know if i'm ready for every single "deep" conversation we can squeeze into this wacky rapid fire session of fun pal-talk!
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jake stuffed in a blue windsock, johnny windsock, j sock, blue boy


Heir of Breath


born: April 13th, 1996
introduction: 13 Earth years
credits: 20 Earth years

Screen Name

ectoBiologist, ghostyTrickster (former)

Typing Style

Regular syntax, does not capitalize the first letter of his sentences or proper nouns, uses all punctuation, sometimes puts spaces in compound words (e.g. time line, dave sprite), occaaaaaaaasionally multiplied vowels and ending punctuation by eight (due to Vriska's influence) in Act 5 Act 2

Strife Specibi

hammerkind, bunnykind, umbrellakind

Fetch Modus

Stack, Queue, Array, Queuestack Array, Wallet (current)


Dad - Adoptive father, Genetic half-brother
Nanna - Adoptive grandmother, Genetic mother
Jake Harley - Genetic father
Jade Harley - Friend/Genetic sister
Roxy Lalonde - Probable romantic interest
Vriska Serket - Patron troll
Casey - Adoptive daughter (formerly?)
Poppop - Post-scratch self
Joey Claire - Biological half-sister on father's side, first cousin once removed by adoption
Jude Harley - Biological half-brother on father's side, first cousin once removed by adoption
Terezi Pyrope - Possible Caliginous crush
Wayward Vagabond - Exile, although he also receives commands from Peregrine Mendicant shortly after passing through his First Gate.

Live(s) in

A suburban neighborhood (21605 Fir Dr, Maple Valley, Washington)


Land of Wind and Shade


Really terrible movies, paranormal lore, pranks, friends, magic, Ghostbusters


Harlequins, Betty Crocker, baked goods, peanuts (allergic)


Showtime (Piano Refrain) ♫
Showtime (Original Mix) ♫
Showtime (Imp Strife Mix) ♫
Doctor ♫
Planet Healer ♫
Savior of the Waking World ♫
Get Up ♫
Heir Transparent ♫
Boy Skylark ♫
Heir Conditioning ♫
Lifdoff ♫
Awakening ♫
Play The Wind ♫
Warhammer of Zillyhoo ♫
Airtime ♫
Homefree ♫
Gust of Heir ♫
Green Ghost ♫
Pale Rapture ♫
Do The Windy Thing ♫
Pipeorgankind ♫
Firefly ♫
FantasyP ♫
Another Chance ♫
Train ♫
You Killed My Father (Prepare To Die) ♫
Skaian Happy Flight ♫
Breeze ♫
Ascend ♫
Conclude ♫