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Joey Claire is one of five playable characters in the upcoming video game Hiveswap, and the older sister of other playable character Jude Harley.

Based on the text under released images her text colour is a slightly mintish green, and she types in all lowercase, with punctuation.

She owns a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or SNES, which she pronounces 'sness') and, along with eagerly awaiting the release of the next Highlander film, she also appears to be a fan of the Tiny Toons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series.

Joey is a dancer, practicing both ballet and tap, which she uses to escape some tricky situations in creative ways. She is also an aspiring veterinarian, and keeps a small kit of medical tools on her person.


Joey lives at Harley Manor in the town of Hauntswitch on Earth, in the B1 universe. In the year 1994, 15 years prior to the beginning of Homestuck, she is outside playing with her brother Jude and their dog Tesseract when they are suddenly attacked by a black multi-legged monster. This forces her to lock herself in her room to escape the creature; however with the help of her brother Jude, she makes her way to the safety of the Manor's attic, where Jude has been keeping a mysterious cherub-themed device. Unlocking the front of the device with a swirly key, it turns out to be a portal and sucks her inside, shooting her to the planet Alternia in the A2 universe.


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