Strife Technique: Guardian Rubric - Ironic Indulgence
Ironic Indulgence


Offer your dearest daughter what she always wanted... A new little pony. Her name is Maplehoof.

Cruel Irony


Ironic Indulgence is a Guardian Rubric used in Homestuck by the Guardians during Strife. Rose Lalonde's Mom is the one that uses this technique, and in a gesture of perceived cruel irony, she drunkenly steps to the side and offers her daughter an adorable pony with a huge pink bow on its head for Rose to cherish. Rose, however, is not into ponies or the color pink, but gives it a begrudging pat regardless. Ironic Indulgence has lasting effects, as Maplehoof sticks around in the house even after Strife ends.

However out of canon it may be, Rose is after all only human, and indulges her desire to be the riderMaplehoof Logo.

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