ConAir ending bunny

Casey, sweetie, you take your daddy's present now.

How Do I Live is a country song written and recorded in 1997 for the soundtrack of the film Con Air. It was originally recorded by LeAnn Rimes, but then rerecorded by Trisha Yearwood, with Yearwood's version used in the emotionally charged denouement of the film.

Because of the incredibly touching and life-affirming nature of the film's climax, this song seems to have a special meaning to John Egbert, and it has figured in his attemptsSburb Logo to re-enactSburb Logo the scene. During the second of such attempts, when John presents the paradox clones of Mom and Rose with the bunny at the end of Act 4, the faux penultimate page of the actSburb Logo features a new version of the song ♫, parenthetically sub-titled "Bunny Back in the Box Version", by Michael Guy Bowman with Nick Smalley on "guitar". This is the first vocal song to be featured in Homestuck. It is included on the epic fifth volume of the Homestuck soundtrack albums.