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For the post-scratch version of this character, see E%ecutor Darkleer / the Expatri8.
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Horuss Zahhak

Horuss talksprite

Homosuck Horuss

8=D < F*DDLEST*%. Please pardon my utterly e%ecrable language, and unforgivable stammering, your Horseness. Sburb Logo
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Page of Void


Possibly 9 solar sweeps/19 earth years [1]

Typing Style

Starts all sentences with 8=D <, meant to symbolize a horse's face, along with other elaborate horse faces and emoticons. Capitalizes STRONG and all related words/derivatives. Writes "blue" as "b100" and censors all profanities using asterisks. Replaces "x" and "ks" sounds with %. Also uses an asterisk "*" to replace the letter I. Uses frequent, almost obsessive horse puns. Perfect grammar and syntax otherwise.


E%ecutor Darkleer / the Expatri8 - Post-scratch self
Equius Zahhak - Dancestor
Rufioh Nitram - Matesprit (ex?)
Meulin Leijon - Moirail


Indigo Archer ♫
Indigo Heir ♫

Horuss Zahhak is the Page of Void and Equius' dancestor.

The name Horuss comes from "Horus", the Egyptian god of the sky, war, and hunting. Horus is the god of many things, and this may be a reference to Horuss being a "troll Renaissance man".

Horus was also conceived by the use of a golden phallus, which may be a reference to the Zahhaks' phallic associations. Incidentally, Horuss also sounds like "horse".

Biography Edit

Upon exiting the meteor back into the dream bubble as Meenah a small "scene" (Aranea's exposition) gives more information about some of the post-scratch "ancestors":

The Page of Void was a self taught master of mechanics, an avid patron of the fine arts, a passionate 8ody 8uilder, archer, am8rosia collector and steamwright. A poet, a scholar, a warrior, a lover, he was all that his caste demanded and more. A true troll Renaissance man. His name means "He Who Stalks With The Muscle8easts." 8ut all of his proficiencies were hard won, 8uilt from the 8lank slate as his aspect would imply, advancing at the slow pace his class would as well. Yet in spite of all he worked to make something of himself, he amounted to very little. Responsi8le for neither great feats of heroism nor acts of villainy, he was just another game piece to 8e moved a8out the 8oard. The aspect ruling his life would always conspire to dampen his relevance. Void is easily the most mysterious aspect, the one which inherently defies rational understanding. This makes it particularly fascinating, and just as frustrating, to light players such as myself. Casting illumination upon nothing itself is futile. For to truly know void is to paradoxically cause it not to 8e! The role of the void player is to somehow em8race nothingness, to 8ecome one with it. And yet in total contradiction with this, to make use of the power it grants and serve a role of relevance, one must find a way to overcome it! To see the limitless potential in the void. To find everything within nothing, and 8ring it into 8eing.

Personality and Traits Edit

Horuss is polite and mindful of cursing, much like his dancestor. However he also tends to unsettle those around him with his odd interests and tendencies. One notable difference between Equius and Horuss is that the pre-scratch Zahhak has shown that he is capable of change, finding solace in a new moirallegiance with Meulin-- something that he would otherwise not even dreamt of doing. He has also taken it upon himself to try and be more optimistic, and seems more willing to please people and talk openly about his feelings. Though, he also has the bad habit of talking over others, with Rufioh often unable to get a word in edgewise. This is a stark contrast with Equius, who seemed to talk little throughout the story prior to his death.


Horuss is in a relationship with Rufioh, Tavros' dancestor; unfortunately, it seems as though the relationship is at an end. The connection between Damara (Aradia's dancestor) and Horuss is obscured at the moment, but Damara is said to have constantly warned Rufioh of the failings in their quadrant. At the moment, Horuss is unaware of the coming break-up. Damara also offers to kill Horuss 'again', implying she has killed him before.


  • He is one of the few A1 trolls whose name was not suggested in the name suggestion box for their descendant. It could have been derived from Horace, suggested by Varinn.
  • Part of his typing quirk is to prefix his sentences with an emoticon for a phallus (penis), which he claims is a horse's, or "Hoofbeast's", face, or his own goggle-smiling face. Both Meenah and Rufioh are shown to be visually disturbed by this, albeit confused as to what the symbol actually represents.
  • In Hussie's exposition to Damara, the selection menu misspells his name as "Horrus".
  • The fact that he is Meulin's moirail mirrors the quadrant that their Alternian descendants were in.
  • Horuss was inspired by Equius's moiraligence with Nepeta to enter a quadrant with Meulin.
  • His fascination with musclebeasts and belief that he is, himself, a horse could be related to the concept of "otherkin," specifically Therians.
  • In reference to his horse theme his hair is styled into a ponytail.
  • His title, as the "Page of Void", is part of a progression. Whereas the pre-scratch titles are Mage of Heart, Heir of Doom, Page of Void, and Rogue of Breath, the post-scratch Titles are Rogue of Heart, Mage of Doom, Heir of Void, and Page of Breath.
  • Unlike Equius, both of Horuss's horns are intact, therefore revealing that Equius' right horn would in fact be identical to his left if it wasn't broken (since all of the other dancestors' horns are identical to those of their post-scratch counterparts).

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