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Elsewhere in paradox space, we examine another planet, forgotten by time.


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Homestuck: Act 4: Flight of the Paradox Clones


Intermission 2: The Man in the Cairo Overcoat.

Act 5 of Homestuck is divided into two sub-acts. The first focuses solely on the trolls' session of Sgrub, while the second returns focus to the kids and their interactions with the trolls, up until the Critical Moment.

Act 5 Act 1: MOB1US DOUBL3 R34CH4ROUND ran from 06/12/10Sburb Logo to 09/19/10Sburb Logo.

Act 5 Act 2: He is already here. ran from 09/19/10Sburb Logo to 10/25/11Sburb Logo.

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