GG: i cant buy the holopad thingy and the intellibeam laserstation they cost a fortune

The Holopad appears to provide a preview of the item a player wishes to create. It costs 10000 build grist to create, and seems to become available in the Phernalia Registry for all server/client connections after the second, along with the Intellibeam Laserstation.

Punching a card with the Holopad's code and attaching it to the Jumper Block Extension with a Punch Card Shunt makes the Alchemiter display the item that the inserted card would make as a hologram, and adding the punched card for a Totem Lathe make it display a scannable hologram of the inserted card's resulting totem.

While the Holopad is extremely costly to import normally, Jade managed to cheat her way around it by drawing a ghost image with her Pictionary Modus.

Core devices
Cruxite dowel
+ Punch Designix
Punched card
Totem Lathe
Cruxite totem
Cruxite artifact
Alchemiter peripherals
Jumper Block ExtensionPunch Card ShuntHolopad
Other phernalia
Gristtorrent CDIntellibeam LaserstationEctobiology ApparatusCloning PadGrist RigUnknown Device

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