His Honorable Tyranny is a monster that plays the role of a judge or head of court in the troll justice system.

He was originally introduced as just a scrawled drawing on Terezi's wall, placed there as part of her court drama roleplay. Some of Terezi's actions and comments seem to imply that His Tyranny is largely a figurehead. Whether this is because he is a chalk drawing or this is true in actual courts as well is unclear.

Later, during the reading of Mindfang's journal, he is seen in his full appearance. In Mindfang's description of the trial, His Tyranny's only active role is attempting to keep her from escaping after the death of Redglare.

His form is extremely large and well-armored, similar to a crustacean. His six horns appear in three rows, the first being a crab's claws, the second being sickles, and the last as normal troll horns (albeit extremely large, each being larger than Mindfang herself). He strongly resembles an Imperial Drone. Unlike any character seen so far, His Honorable Tyranny has black bloodSburb Logo.

Honorable Tyranny

His Honorable Tyranny, about to fight Marquise Mindfang

After Mindfang hangs Redglare (in a situation eerily similar to Make Her PaySburb Logo), she kills His Honorable Tyranny.


  • Hussie gives no specific reason for His honorable Tyranny's unusual black blood color. However, he has implied that it was just a random decision.
  • His head vaguely resembles that of Demonhead Mobster Kingpin.
    • This may be symbolic with regards to his defeat at the hand of Mindfang, as her lusus (or at least Vriska's lusus, which is presumably similar to her own) also resembles DMK, and slaying His Honorably Tyranny could be seen as symbolising Mindfang slaying her own personal demons.
  • His head also resembles The Condesce's Flagship, another symbol of authority in the Alternian empire.

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