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Hegemonic Brute

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Hegemonic Brute



You order one of your burliest agents to the scene. Sburb Logo
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Hearts Boxcars (Midnight Crew)

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All caps, no punctuation, uses "YER" instead of "your" and "you're", as well as "FER" instead of "for".

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Red Cheeks, wax lips



HB, short for the Hegemonic Brute (or Hearts Boxcars in one case) is among the elite tier agents of Derse in any Sburb game session, along with the Courtyard Droll, the Draconian Dignitary, and the archagent, Jack Noir. His size and strength speak for themselves, and his penchant for brutality makes him an invaluable asset, in theory.

Three distinct incarnations of the Hegemonic Brute from three different sessions have appeared in Homestuck, as well as an additional (the original) non-canon incarnation.


Universe A2 (post-scratch trolls') SessionEdit

The Hegemonic Brute, along with the other three high-ranking agents of Derse wind up exiled on the barren planet to which the session is linked, during the course of the trolls' adventure. The group manages to build a city from the ground up, transforming themselves into the Midnight Crew. From then on, HB instead stands for Hearts Boxcars.

At an uncertain point following this moment, HB finds a command terminal with which to influence the players during the course of their session. He observes two separateSburb Logo but similarSburb Logo moments in Tavros Nitram's journey, both times aggressively urging the youngster to "KISS THE GIRL", unsuccessfully.

When their rivals the Felt become an unignorable nuisance to the gang, the Midnight Crew decides to take care of them once and for all and storm their mansion. HB (the designated safe cracker of the team) makes his way directly to their secret vaultSburb Logo shortly after midnight. Realizing he won't be able to crack the safe on his own, he radios Clubs Deuce for help. Just then, Biscuits and Eggs appear, much to his frustration. The duo utterly overwhelm him with their reckless time loops. The battle wears on for four hoursSburb Logo, Clover showing up to watch after a while. Since CD fails to ever show up, HB finally contacts Spades Slick for assistance, though he and Diamonds Droog are pretty busy themselves.

When backup finally does arrive, it proves to be of little helpSburb Logo until Slick arrives with Crowbar's crowbar, destroying Eggs' egg timer and undoing its nasty temporal effects, essentially making the entire battle unhappen. Boxcars finally offs Eggs, causing Biscuits to retreat. Unfortunately, Cans arrives shortly afterward, making short work of Droog and then Boxcars, punching him right out of the calendar and into some horse-themed calendarSburb Logo.

Moments afterward, though, Slick transports himself into a highly unfavorable timelineSburb Logo where almost everyone is dead, including Hearts Boxcars. From here, Slick eventually kills Snowman, destroying the entire universe. HB's fate is unclear. Although he is presumed to beSburb Logo dead, the horse calendar he was punched into is found eventually... albeit, in the afterlife.

Universe B1 (pre-scratch kids') SessionEdit

Burlier Agent

The Hegemonic Brute's first task in this session involves handling a troublesome prisonerSburb Logo who won't stay in his cell, but even HB is no match for the astonishing mangrit of John Egbert's Dad.

Sometime after that embarrassing failure, around the time Jack rises to power, HB moves downSburb Logo to the battlefield, spying on the White King. A Parcel Mistress visits the king, and HB witnesses him deactivate his scepter and hand it over to her, along with his crown. Reporting this andSburb Logo seizing the opportunity, he jumps her and attacks, causing her to let go of the scepter and sending it flying down a nearby ravine, which later will be recovered by CD and delivered to Jack. Despite his advantage however, he is overwhelmedSburb Logo by PM in the end, who beheads him with the sword Jack had given her earlier.

Universe B2 (post-scratch kids') SessionEdit

Dirk beheads HB

When the Dersite royalty is usurped by a new order, an initiative is launched to murder the kids' dream selves. The Hegemonic Brute is tasked withSburb Logo taking on one member of the trickier pair, sneaking into Dirk Strider's dream room while he is distracted. Unfortunately for HB, Dirk notices him and is able to react extremely quickly, distracting him long enough to behead him. As insult to (fatal) injury, Dirk later impales his head on a pike to stage a public uprisingSburb Logo.


The Hegemonic Brute does not interact very often with others, so his personality is a little hard to pin down. Nonetheless, he is seen to be in an almost perpetually surly mood. Befitting his monicker and incredible strength, HB has remarkably violent urges and thoughtsSburb Logo, and has a temper which can flare quickly. In spite of this brutal psychological profile, the Brute has a passion for (flushed) romance, and he is a loyal and efficient agent.


The Midnight CrewEdit

About the only people HB interacts with in a manner that doesn't involve attempted murder, usually. He, like the rest of the people comprising the group, are more loyal to each other than to even the Dersite royalty; if Jack Noir betrays the queen, HB and the others will be at his side.


  • Hearts Boxcars' typing quirk implies that he speaks with a thick accent of some kind. This may be a Scottish accent, considering his brute strength is a stereotype among Scots.
  • Hearts Boxcars' charge, Tavros Nitram, uses a lance - the same weapon Snowman uses. Inversely, Vriska Serket, Snowman's charge, uses dice.
  • Hearts Boxcars is depicted as the "Knight of Cups" in the Homestuck tarot card deck. This may because Knights of Cups are considered well educated in matters of the Heart. He can also be seen with the rest of the Midnight Crew on the "King of Wands" card.
  • In a game of craps, the term "Boxcars" is interchangeable with "Midnight". The facts that he always rolls boxcars and is a member of the Midnight Crew gives his name a triple meaning.
  • Both of his (confirmed onscreen) deaths have been caused via decapitation.Sburb Logo
    • This may be a reference to the page in the first intermission where Hearts Boxcars bites off Eggs's headSburb Logo.
    • It may also be a reference to Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts, and her famous line "Off with his head" as all characters associated with hearts - save for Meulin - have been decapitated at some point in the story.
  • He has also always been the first to die among the four Dersite agents.