Harlequin Doll

The harlequin doll was a gift from Dad to John for his birthday. When John first entered the living room, he found a big boxSburb Logo from his Dad to him. Upon opening the box, John found the doll, much to his disdain. He sat it on the sofaSburb Logo and laterSburb Logo attachedSburb Logo the Fake Arms to the doll, making it AT LEAST a million percent funnier. Later onSburb Logo, the doll suffered damage when some broken glass was pushed out of John's Sylladex, slashing the left eye, knocking off the left arm and ripping off the left point of the hat. Rose then prototyped the Kernelsprite with it, causing the Kernelsprite to change to look like the doll's face and remaining arm.

Harlequin with arms

The harlequin doll is not to be confused with the "Accursed MascotSburb Logo" resembling Jack Noir. Since the "Mascot" appears in Dream John's bedroomSburb Logo, it may be responsible for John's unconscious drawings in both those rooms, which in turn leads to his father's belief that he likes clowns and, later, to the unfortunate prototyping of the harlequin doll. The "Mascot" was in fact implanted into John's dreams by Gamzee as a form of revengeSburb Logo, since he knew it would ultimately result in the rise of Jack Noir.

The prototyping of the doll started a chain of events that lead to Noir's rise to power by pushing him over the edge and into rebellion;

  1. The Black Queen ordered all Dersites to wear the comical hats after the prototyping of the doll
  2. Jack Noir refused to wear his
  3. The Queen came and argued with him
  4. He attacked her with the bunny
  5. He claimed the ring for himself
  6. He eventually became Bec Noir and almost ruined everything

After entering the medium, Rose unsuccessfully attempts to prototypeSburb Logo Harlequinsprite with a box of Betty Crocker cake mix and Colonel Sassacre's Colonel Sassacre's Daunting Text of Magical Frivolity and Practical Japery, however the sprite flees downstairs, and the impact of the book hitting the floor knocks over Nanna's ashes, causing them to prototype with Harlequinsprite, forming Nannasprite.

Missing eyes and arms are a recurring motif in Homestuck. Although most are a result of prototyping the doll, Vriska Serket and Spades Slick's missing eyes and arms are unrelated.


In Paradox SpaceEdit

The harlequin doll plays a major role in "PrototypedPXS icon", the fourth Paradox Space story, in which John ends up knocking both arms off of the harlequin doll before prototyping it, resulting in several serious long-term consequences.