The Gutterpipe projects are a location often visited by Hysterical Dame and Nervous Broad. Later on they are joined by some Gentlemen and some brave warriors take a visit here as well. There the Aspect Valve and Scale Valve operate, giving a mysterious connection to the bodices the ladies have found. The Gutterpipe projects are also drawn in three quarters scale, giving a somewhat unique view of the area. Those that are rather curious or clumsy may inspect the pipes further, finding that they lead to a rather unscrupulous area.

Valves Edit

The Valves themselves can be interacted with, and do some strange things. A valve can be adjusted by flipping a switch, and the associated bodice will change size according to how the valve is changed. Whoever is wearing the bodice or corset, provided they are a sexy female figure, may be pushed out of it and end up back at the Gutterpipe projects and into the lake nearby. This occurs because whomever is wearing one is in two places at once, but their legs are only shown squirming out of the end of the corresponding valve. If the garment itself is changed, the valve will change accordingly on its own. A specific action of this prevents some smuggling from occurring, and drowns a couple of unsurly characters.

Another area that acts similar to this is Mount Saint Lardass, which exists near the Enchanted Palace, where the Weasel King dwells. The Gravity Brassier connects to there, instead.

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