Karkat examining Kanaya

Please be grub sauce, oh god please be grub sauce.

Grub sauce is a grub-based condiment created by trolls which, according to DaveSburb Logo, is a substance similar to mayonnaise except that mayo is white and doesn't have grubs in it. Sollux has also used it in the phrase "thii2 2hiit2 more real than kraft grub2auce", similar to Dave's use of a similar expression, further comparing the two culturally.

The phrase "please be grub sauce, please be grub sauce" has been used when rhetorically questioning the presence of blood, the equivalent of a human child saying "please be ketchup, please be ketchup." This has occurred when Karkat encountered the body ofSburb Logo Kanaya, even though he actually saw Eridan kill her, and when Terezi encountered a large puddleSburb Logo of the resulting blood by the transportalizer and sampled some of it to make sure. Karkat has also flat-out called a dead Sollux's blood grub sauceSburb Logo at one point. If Karkat and Terezi's earlier respective denial and confusion about Kanaya's death are of any indication, as well as the addressing of Sollux's death, grub sauce would seem to come in a range of at least yellow to green.

Given that troll infanthood includes a grub-like stage, the nature of Grub Sauce is dubious. It should be noted, however, that many things on Alternia have larval states, such as Beefgrub livestock and Mother Grubs, including even some of its biologically synthesized technologySburb Logo.

It bears to be mentioned that Jane says concerning gushersSburb Logo that she often joked that the snacks were so nasty, it was almost like they were filled with multicolored slime harvested from plump extraterrestrial larva. It may be that grub sauce may contain a slime that some form of grub produce from their body, though the conversation with Karkat and Dave specifically mentions it actually containing grub, not just slime. Earlier talk of the "sweet, tangy mucus"Sburb Logo on a grubloaf, may give weight to this theory, assuming all three are made from the same kind of grubs, however, this would cause discrepancy in its purported similarity to mayonnaise, which is nothing at all like Gusher filling. This makes any link between Gushers and Grub Sauce unlikely.

Kankri had grub sauce on his face in the first part of meenah's interactionable game. This happenes when you play as kankri and talk to porrim. Kankri also claims that he got the grub sause from another ghost named 'Amelia' when Porrim questions him. 

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