Grist Rig

A grist rig, deployed atop Dirk's apartment tower on LOTAK.

The Grist Rig is one of the primary devices in the Phernalia Registry, necessary for the completion of a game session, which serves to to disperse a planet's grist hoard into Skaia. It is a free item, not costing any grist. As explainedSburb Logo by Vriska, the grist rigs come into play once a player has confronted their Denizen and gained access to the enormous hoard of grist within their planet, and also built their house up as high as possible. The rigs are placed on the roofs of the fully built-up houses of each player in the session, where they shootSburb Logo those planets' grist hoards up into Skaia (in a visual similar to that of an oil rig). The combined grist from all of a session's planets is necessary for the Ultimate Alchemy, serving as nutrition for the growing Genesis Frog.

B2 SessionEdit

The players of the B2 session succeeded in deploying a Grist Rig on every planet, which are currently feeding SkaiaSburb Logo. It should be noted that some players have yet to confront their Denizens, so it is unclear whether or not they have full access to their planets' grist hoards. The last rig was deployedSburb Logo by Arquiusprite.

A1 and A2 SessionsEdit

Since both troll sessions succeeded in growing a Genesis Frog (albeit not necessary a healthy one), it can be assumed that Grist Rigs had been deployed on all of their built-up hives. Vriska considered this aspect of the game to be elementary, calling it "Sgru8 101 stuff"Sburb Logo.

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