For the pre-scratch version of this character, see Jade Harley.
Not to be confused with Nanna.
Jade English



She was definitely very brave, if the stories are true. Downright audacious, I'd say. Sburb Logo
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Adult (deceased). Born presumably in 1910, died around 2000.


Jade Harley - Pre-Scratch Self
Jake English - Adoptive Grandson, Genetic Father
Jane Crocker - Genetic Mother
Colonel Sassacre - Adoptive Grandfather
Betty Crocker/The Condesce - Adoptive Grandmother
John Crocker - Adoptive and Genetic Brother
John Egbert - Genetic brother, Ectobiological Creator

Jade English, more commonly known as Grandma, is the post-scratch version of Jade Harley and is Jake English's Grandmother. Her role is presumably similar to that of Grandpa in the pre-scratch universe. She was owner of a rival corporation to Betty Crocker's baking empire, making various products in the image of Lord English until the Batterwitch ran her out of business and exiled her to a pacific island.


As a child she was raisedSburb Logo by Betty Crocker along with her brother (who she falsely believed was her adoptive brother, as he was also her genetic brother). She and her brother had to endure the horrors of being raised by her, including the murder of their dog. Eventually she ran away (alone rather than with Halley as Grandpa did) leaving her brother behind.

At some point she discovered that her adoptive mother had one thing she feared, her master, Lord English. As such to spite her she took the name EnglishSburb Logo for herself and created a company that created products branded in a way that resembled English.

Eventually she adopted Jake and attempted to settle a remote island where she studied the ancient ruins. After not returning home for days, Jake tracked her down and found her bodySburb Logo with 3 holes in her, Jake cremated her body and stored the ashes in the Frog Temple. Her cremation mirrors John's grandmother's which led one to wonder if she will be resurrectedSburb Logo in a similar manner. However, this did not happen. Although Jake's kernelsprite was empty in the post-retcon timeline, Jade being prototyped was never a possibility, since the Frog Temple, where her ashes are stored, did not enter the medium.

Dead grandma

Jake finds his murdered Grandma

It is later discovered by Jake that the Frog Temple contained two transportalizers, which most likely lead to Prospit and Derse, depending on which one is entered. The golden trasportalizer leading to Prospit is later confirmed by Dream Jane, and the Derse one is confirmed by Jake, although with the partial collapse of a building after Jake is rescued from the red miles by Lil Sebastian, the Derse transportalizer is blocked. This would explain how Jade (as well as Jake's pre-scratch incarnation) were able to enter the Medium. Jade is likely the "old woman" who made off with the 4th wall from B2 Derse that later ends up in Jake's possession after he shrinks the lab from his house. This similarity to the B1 session implies that Jake Harley did the same while he was in The Medium.


Jake imagining guardians

Jake imagining a young Jade and John

  • In his pen-pal communications with pre-scratch Jade, Jake assumed he was talking to his grandmother in the past when she was a teenager herself.
  • In a note written by Jake he states that Jade was able to manipulate space like a witch. In the same note he also mentioned that he had received the weapons for Liv Tyler from her. Whether he is referring to pre-scratch or post-scratch Jade is left to interpretation, though it was later revealed the Witch of Space jab was a deliberate hint to Jade's identity that he correctly assumed John would pick up on. Jake is later revealed to believe deep down that John is his great-uncle.