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God Cat

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Typing Style

iNVERTED cASE; uses commas excessively and in place of periods; flashing text typical of first guardians when he sneezes, which is always.


Tavros Nitram - Component
God Cat - Component
Jane Crocker - Corresponding player

Gcatavrosprite is Jane Crocker's sprite in the post retcon timeline of the B2 session. His components are Tavros and God Cat.

Little is known about Gcatavrosprite's attributes, as he is immediately put to sleep by Vriska mere seconds after his creation. As evidenced by his excessive sneezing upon creation, Jake speculates that due to Tavros' cat allergies Gcatavrosprite may be allergic to himself. Apparently this does not make his existence as irreconcilable as another Tavros amalgam sprite, as he is seen frolicking happily in the consort kingdom post-game, probably due to the placebo pill he received from Jasprosesprite^2.

Biography Edit

The original Tavrosprite was created by Vriska Serket in the post-retcon timeline by prototyping his corpse with Jane's kernelsprite. We first see him with the other characters on the victory platform, and later he is seen talking to Jake English.   

Tavrosprite is next seen on LOMAX with Jake. Vriska contacts Jake and instructs him to summon Gcat with a mouse toy in his pocket. Jake does so and, per Vriska's further instructions, tells Tavrosprite to apprehend this feline, merging with God Cat to create Gcatavrosprite. Then, he is put to sleepSburb Logo by Vriska via her psychic powers.

Vriska explains to Jake her plan has always been to utilize Tavros' mentally suggesti8le mind to neutralize GCat's influence on the session, as she believes Tavros to be an inconsequential and expendable ally. Later in Earth C, he rules the Consort Kingdom with Dirk and Jake.


  • Jade and Jane's sprites were both created by Vriska and prototyped with their respective first guardians.
  • Jane is a Hero of Life with a prototyped Hero of Breath, while John is a Hero of Breath with a prototyped Hero of Life.