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Gamzee Makara

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Gamzee god tier

Homosuck Gamzee

i'M dOwN tO mY lAsT bOtTlE aNd I dOn'T fUcKiN kNoW iF i CaN gEt AnYmOrE iN tHiS mOtHeRfUcKiN mAgIc LaNd So I dOn'T kNoW. Sburb Logo
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HONK FRIEND., the clown guy


Bard of Rage


introduction: 6 Alternian solar sweeps/ 13 Earth years
credits: 9(.69) Alternian solar sweeps/ 21 Earth years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Stoned (Pre-Sgrub): Uses normal grammar, end punctuation, and AlTeRnAtInG lEtTeRs. Uses 'motherfuck' and variations of it a lot.
Stoned (During and Post-Sgrub): Stops using end punctuation. Alternating caps pick up a new pattern. Punctuation and spaces are now counted as "letters", so iT'S GoInG To lOoK A LiTtLe sOmEtHiNg lIkE ThIs.
Sober: Changes from all caps. TO NO MOTHERFUCKING CAPS BETWEEN LINES. Swears more than usual while on his uppercase lines. He kept this style after having the rage papped out of him, but is calmer overall.
Sober (Meteor): Alternating caps retain same pattern. Adds spaces in compound words at random, such as mother fucking.
Mind Control (Aranea): Aranea forbade Gamzee from speaking ever again while mind-controlling him; after this, he communicates solely with a :o) emoticon and his signature honks.
Released from mind control: Briefly reverts to pre-Sgrub quirk. Unknown if this will stick given the massive HONK that followed, however.

Strife Specibi

Clubkind, later Jokerkind

Fetch Modus



Grand Highblood - Ancestor
Karkat Vantas - Moirail (Former)
Tavros Nitram - Flushed crush (possibly unrequited; deceased)
Kurloz Makara - Dancestor
Terezi Pyrope - Kismesis (alternate timeline)
Lil Cal - Best friend (post-flipout)
Sea-goat - Lusus/Sprite (Deceased)
Caliborn/Lord English - Religious idol and master, temporary adopted son
Calliope - Temporary adopted daughter


Land of Tents and Mirth


mIrAcLeS ♫
Rumble at the Rink ♫
Blackest Heart ♫
Blackest Heart (With Honks) ♫
Midnight Calliope ♫
The Carnival ♫
Calamity ♫
Purple Bard ♫