Full of useful gizmos.

The Gadget Chest is a large container found in Jade Harley's room in Homestuck. It is a purple chest covered in white stars, moons, and planetoids. This chest, a gift from her Grandpa, is where Jade keeps all of her Useful Gizmos, as well as a variety of fortune telling knickknacks from when it was once her Oracle's Trunk. It most certainly does notSburb Logo contain a fursuit, and seriously who are you trying to kid with that sort of baloney!

John Egbert possesses a similar chest, but it's clearly a Magic Chest. Clearly.

Contents of Gadget ChestEdit

Fortune Telling KnickknacksEdit

Useful GizmosEdit

  • Lunchtop
  • Cookalizer
  • Refrigerator, which is a silly thing to call an ordinary REFRIGIFYIFICATOR.