The Fractal Prospectus with matter/energy accretion at a safe level

The Fractal Prospectus is a meter measuring the level of recursive fractal geometry generated (the accretion rate) by abusing the properties of windows such that an object resides partially or fully inside itself, resulting in the spontaneous creation of matter. It opens automatically to warn the player when such a fractaline matter/energy accretion occurs. It is often accompanied by the Infinite Summation Honeybee Professor, who appears along with the Fractal Prospectus to advise the player on safe fractaline practices. If the sequence of partial sums of matter in an object and its fractal duplicates forms a convergent series, the added fractal geometry remains in the green. However, it is possible to arrange windows in such a way that the series does not converge, causing an explosive discharge of energy.

Appearances Edit

  • The first appearanceMspa icon of the Fractal Prospectus occurs when the Candy Mecha carries the doll house via a portal into the same doll house, causing an infinite number of geometrically scaled down doll houses and Candy Mechas to appear. Since sums of geometric series rapidly converge, the resulting matter accretion rate remained within the safe zone at 4.1%
  • The next appearanceMspa icon of the Prospectus, when Pickle Inspector drops one window inside another, demonstrates an instance in which the matter accretion exceeds acceptable bounds. In this case, the windows are being reproduced at 1:1 scale, causing a potential 100% accretion rate. Pickle Inspector and the Honeybee Professor are initially saved thanks to the self-knotting structure of the window fractal created preventing too great a degree of fractaline matter duplication; however when a great deal of pressure was added to the windows, the force overcame the self-knotting, causing a 100% matter accretion rate and an explosive critical reaction.
  • When Problem Sleuth used two small windows to create the Jawbreaker Skylight Bomb, the Fractal Prospectus did not appearMspa icon, but the explosion resulting from its use was once again due to achieving a 100% matter accretion rate, which would have again filled the meter.