A card game played by Tavros Nitram and Rufioh Nitram. It seems to be a combination of Pokémon and Alien.

Oogonibombs away!

The game appears to be played first with each player being dealt a hand of cards. A player can then throw an Oogonibomb which breaks open to hatch an Alien-esque face-hugger called a Fidusucker, which in turn then latches onto and impregnates a Host Plush.

Another monster will then burst out of the plush. However, despite the Pokémon overtones, the actual goal of the game as Tavros plays it is to get the monsters to breed, presumably creating more Oogonibombs. How the cards and second player deal into this is anyone's guess, if Tavros's version is not in fact completely different from the way it's meant to be played.

Another similarity with Pokémon is that when you train the monsters they can change into another monsters. For instance the HORSAPONI Meenah hatchedSburb Logo may become a HORSARONI. Unlike Pokémon, where evolution makes the monster much stronger, Horsaroni is only slightly bigger, with no measurable advantages. (However, one is required to feed it more.)


  • If breeding is not the actual goal of the game, and simply happens to be the way that Tavros chooses to play it, it could be a reference to the Pokémon franchise: in the games, Pokémon can be bred, and many players do choose to do so in order to get good stats or other features, but it's not necessary for completion of the game.
  • The song Bronze Page ♫ from the album coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A ♫ may be the theme song of Fiduspawn.