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bottled miracles

Faygo (specifically Redpop) is a soft drink available both on Alternia and on Earth. The drink is a noted as a favorite of Gamzee Makara, who consumes it as part of his cult's rituals. The consumption of it is referred to as "kicking the wicked elixir" or "rude elixir". Faygo quickly becomes one of Gamzee's trademarks, alongside other such items as horns, unicycles, and juggling batons. Through a fetch modus mishap with his Miracle Modus, a bottle is accidentally launched far across the ocean, washing up on Eridan Ampora's island hive, much to his disgust.

Later, while in the midst of emotional theatrics, Eridan is advised by Gamzee to kick back and get his zone on with a cold bottle of Faygo. He indulges Gamzee, and his reaction to the taste of the sugary swill is indifferent.

In human society, Faygo is a sugary soft drink manufactured in Detroit, Michigan and made popular outside its distribution area by the musical group Insane Clown Posse, and a staple of juggalo subculture, on which Gamzee is based.

In the post-scratch universe, the Posse became Presidents of the United States thanks to the manipulations of the Condesce, and one of their actions in office was to replace all tap water with Faygo. Not surprisingly, this made type 2 diabetes so common that having it was considered the national pastime.


Karkat finding spilled Faygo next to an unconscious Terezi.

After Terezi forms a kismesissitude with Gamzee she also begins drinking Faygo, which she quickly becomes addicted to. It is discovered she finds it distasteful after Karkat finds her passed outSburb Logo in a puddle of it surrounded by multiple empty bottles. Allthough she enjoyed it at first because of the good taste of its bright colors, it began to grow tasteless as she became more and more addicted to it.    Only two types of Faygo have been seen in Homestuck, both located in Gamzee's hive-Redpop and Grape. 

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