The Etiquette Monstrance is a hidden statistic used to convey the general politeness of Problem Sleuth, Ace Dick, and Pickle Inspector. The Monstrance, like many of the other hidden statistics used, is fairly uncommon and only presents itself when needed. The more Mannercite Shards in a Monstrance, the more apt a character is to be polite. The Monstrance appears to have nine slots that hold Mannercite Shards, and there are a total of nine shards among all Monstrances.

  • Problem Sleuth, despite being a titan of Pulchritude, only has two Mannercite Shards. He's a hard-boiled detective, ya hear me?
  • Ace Dick has NO Mannercite Shards. Rather, he somehow uses the fictional, empty Monstrance to beat a weasel guarding the salted melon fields to a bloody pulp. (although doing so would require much higher Imagination than he has)
  • Pickle Inspector has seven Mannercite Shards. Often many commands in Pickle Inspector involve him doing something politely. Even before the Monstrance is presented, it is shown that Pickle Inspector expects other people to be polite and despises those that aren't. Death also appears to have this adjective inserted into many of his actions.
  • A version of the Monstrance appears on the book Human Etiquette that the Wayward Vagabond finds.