Strife Technique: Empty Suicide Threat
Empty Suicide Threat


Lure your opponent into thinking you are going to Aggrieve, but turn around and make a false attempt at losing your life to cause horror instead.

Conviction Rate


Used By:

Roseicon Aries

Rose Lalonde uses this technique when in Strife against her guardian, her Mother. Rose makes a similar leap as her standard Aggrieve, but instead quickly does a Youth Roll to the unpowered electric socket and sticks her Knitting Needles in, as if she was going to give herself a fatal electric shock. Since the house is out of power, this attack proves completely pointless.

A young Handmaid uses a similar technique, Actual Suicide ThreatSburb Logo, during her Strife with Doc Scratch, but is thwarted by his omnipotence.

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