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Like other creative endeavors, MSPA and Homestuck are not without hidden easter eggs. The Easter Eggs listed here are hidden features accessed by visiting certain areas of certain flash games, typing in a secret code or key combinations to access hidden features, or hidden flash pages that are accessed by clicking an image link on another page. Many hidden easter eggs have been discovered. A list of some of them is included here.          

Hidden Maplehoof Animations Edit

At the end of the animation Rose: Fast forward to now.Sburb Logo A pink horseshoe symbol pops up in the bottom right corner, which if clicked, leads to a secret pageMaplehoof Logo, featuring Rose riding Maplehoof. On this page, the song "Pony Chorale ♫" plays while several silly non-canonical events were shown briefly in Scribble Mode.

At the end of the animation [S] Frigglish: Fast forward to Jaspersprite.Sburb Logo, another horseshoe appears leading to a second secret pageMaplehoof Logo, which has been added as a post-scratch counterpart in which Roxy watches as the tiny Maplehoof gallops across the screen. There are similarly brief instances of Scribble Mode.

Accessing Trickster Mode Edit

Make sure the interactive Flash has focus (click on it). On Windows and Linux, press Ctrl + T. On Mac OS X,
press ⌘+ T. If attempting this opens a new tab in your browser, press Ctrl + Alt + T or ⌘+ Alt + T instead (respectively). Ctrl + T also works under Mac OS X for the most recent interactive segments (starting with Alterniabound). If none of these commands work, try Ctrl + Alt + T or Shift + T.

On Mac OSX, Trickster mode can be accessed on Google Chrome by pressing Ctrl + T. It does however work in Windows, provided you have clicked within the flash window first. Firefox is the best browser to use for Trickster mode. It can be accessed on Google Chrome in Windows by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T.

Trickster mode can also be deactivated with the same key combination. However, deactivating Trickster Mode while in an impossible location, such as Problem Sleuth's office or while on a wall, can crash your browser.

Trickster Mode Locale Edit

Main article: You There. Boy
Trickster Mode

Upon entering Trickster Mode, the Kernelsprite is swapped for the floating head of Andrew Hussie and John colorized with blonde hair (which also has a lollipop stuck to it.) John himself is placed under the floor and is blurred from view. The background music is also changed to "Harlequin".

Free exploration is allowed in this Trickster Mode. Hidden in the Backyard is access to the Problem Sleuth's office (which can be accessed via the chimney) as well as a window with a pumpkin spray painted beneath it. There is also a notice in the top right corner which reads "Gankro Was Not Here", which is upside-down. In the grass by this window is the "Trickster Code" written in Morse Code. Attempting to switch back to regular mode inside Problem Sleuth's office wall will sometimes freeze your browser (this glitch may have been fixed. in some cases, it is fixed, but if you are in a wall in the office & switch back, you will probably freeze)

On a side note, If you exit Trickster mode while in free exploration mode and then press the esc button it causes John to disappear and the music to loop over itself infinitely. However, as soon as you leave the area the glitch fixed itself.



In this page, after pressing Ctrl+T (or Ctrl+Alt+T etc...) you will be asked to enter the trickster code, 024913. Upon entering Trickster Mode, you become Link from Legend of Zelda and your HarlequinSprite joins you with a beard, a cake, and a vaccuum on its back (possibly in reference to the "Song of Storms" guy from Ocarina of Time). The imp turns into a tall, mutant version of John holding a hammer

Dark Cage Edit


Dark Cage

The end of the Flash animation, [S][A6I1] Karkat: Mental breakdownSburb Logo contains a link to an Easter EggSburb Logo, citing the first appearance of Dark Cage, an unsettling palette swap of Nic Cage, while reciting the "boner" line with the pitch drastically decreased. The page was created because the song used in the Flash, Frustracean by Toby "Radiation" Fox, features an awkward two minutes of silence, followed by the "boner" clip, mimicking the similar ending of its sister song, Hardlyquin. At the ending to [S] Terry: Fast forward to Liv.Sburb Logo, a link to the second Dark Cage FlashSburb Logo appeared. This time, a drastically slowed down version of Michael Guy Bowman's cover of I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, followed by a lowered, eldritch "put the bunny back in the box" quote. On this pageSburb Logo attempting to hit the play again button in the bottom left corner will result in it jumping around on the screen each time you try to touch it, until it finally turns into Cage's face and the "boner" clip is played once you click it.

On another Page, [S] Wait, what am I supposed to do with this bunny again?Sburb Logo, a horribly distorted version of "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" plays with an image of Nicolas Cage in Con Air. Cage then turns red, before being replaced by a photograph of Andrew Hussie and music team member Toby "Radiation" Fox, both wearing fake glasses, and Radiation giving the middle finger.

Openbound Easter Eggs Edit

Hussie in a Chest Behind Hidden in the Trees Edit

In Part Two of Openbound, [S][A6I3] ==>Sburb Logo, after crossing the bridge, Mituna Captor, Sollux's dancestor, appears on his skateboard and injures himself trying to grind on the bridge's railing. You have the option of becoming Mituna, who in turn can become Cronus by talking to him. While Cronus, you can find an Easter egg by walking into the foliage by the stairs and pressing space: Hussie appears and offers to go on a date with you. If you examine the skyhorse, however, Hussie will reveal that the date was just a ruse to get close to the lusus and rides the "seahorse dad" off into the sky.

Hussie at Aranea's Stand Edit

In Part Three of Openbound, [S][A6I3] ==>Sburb Logo, after using Meenah to get Kanaya to open the door, go back to Room 1 and Be Damara. In Room 5, near the end, Andrew Hussie will be running the booth instead, having purchased it from Aranea. He will give you his own commentary on all twelve of the pre-Scratch trolls. Exiting to the left will bring you back to room 1 instead of room 6.

Hussie Hiding Behind a Rock and Buying Meenah's Ring Edit

At the bottom of room 6, Vriska, Tavros, and John are talking while Hussie watches behind a rock. Hussie is trying to find a way to take the ring from John so he can propose to Vriska again. Meenah offers to sell him a ring for $2,485,506 (The Homestuck Kickstarter money total) and he pays it, asking her not to tell anyone since he had promised to do something else with the money. He immediately regrets the purchase when he learns the ring used to belong to Cronus.

Hidden Snoop Doggs Edit

Snoop Dogg can be found hiding in the background in the sky on ==>Sburb Logo. He is also found on the floor of Rose's room on John: Snoop.Sburb Logo.

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