The Deus Ex Sewing Machina is the weapon of choice for Godhead Pickle Inspector. When Demonhead Mobster Kingpin used his Comb Rave: Fill 'Em With Daylight, tearing the imaginary universe in half, GPI performed the only useful action in his entire history as a deity (other than creating the entire universe) by sewing the universe back together with the Machina and an extraordinarily long length of power cord. The needle for the Sewing Machina is the Ham Needle. Because the thread used to restore the universe is the fan's power cord, it now spans the length of the universe - meaning that though power has been restored to the fan, the time it will take for power to reach the fan and complete the circuit is approximately 18 billion years. Twice.

This term is incredibly appropriate as the term "deus ex machina" was created when referring to how a playwright would lower a god (Deus) onto the stage via a crane (machina) and magically resolve the conflict. In this situation a god (head) magically resolves the conflict with his sewing machine.

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