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DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < *starts to purr a sick beat!*Sburb Logo
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Rogue/Knight? of Heart/Time?

Typing Style

Starts every sentence with a green B33 < (a combination of Nepeta's :33 face and Dave's shades) matching their name color; replaces every instance of ee with 33; makes cat puns whenefur pawsible. *davepeta will occlawsionally rolepurrlay in asterisks*


Dave - Corresponding player and alternate timeline self of the sprite's Davesprite component
Jake - Corresponding player
Nepeta - First tier prototyping component
Davesprite - Second tier prototyping component
Rambunctious Crow - Component of the sprite's Davesprite component
Karkat and Jade - Possible romantic interests
Jasprosesprite^2 - "Sister"
Arquiusprite - Ex(?)-moirail/ bro


Roleplaying, making cat puns, entry level irony


HorsecatskaMspa icon (to be released)

Davepetasprite^2 is the sprite corresponding to the players of Dave Strider and Jake English in the post-retcon timeline of Homestuck. They have been prototyped twice, from the corpse of Nepeta Leijon and from pre-retcon Davesprite.


After Nepetasprite is created by Jasprosesprite^2, she is prototyped a second time by an unsuspecting Davesprite via handshake. Davepetasprite^2 initially interacts with just Jasprosesprite^2, who is understandably distraught in the fusion after showing obvious romantic interest in Nepeta. After calming Jasprose down, Davepeta suggests they simply talk for a while and help each other GET ourselves, while finishing the tea party. Jasprose agrees, and their conversation ends when Davepeta flies off to LOTAK to catch up with Arquiusprite.

After a truly epic bro hug bump, Davepeta flies to the dream bubbles to visit a sleeping Jade. After sharing thoughts about alternate selves, Davepeta kisses Jade, then stabs her with their claw gloves to wake her up.

During the hectic events of [S] Collide, Davepeta arrives to challenge Lord English, and momentarily gets the better of him. However, despite a determined effort, English eventually defeats them.

Personality and traitsEdit

Davepetasprite^2 is initially confused about their gender when talking to Jasprosesprite^2, but quickly defaults to gender neutral pronouns (specifically, they/them). Like Jasprose, Davepeta possesses memories from Daves and Nepetas that were not components of the sprite, and clarifies how this works - while all of the versions of the characters are "accessible" to the sprite, the specific ones who were physically prototyped feel like the "main" ones.

Davepeta is incredibly optimistic and jittery. They enjoy entry-level irony quite a bit, considering the Nepeta half of them never experienced it before, and they are very, very friendly. They also have a fondness for roleplaying, and will jump through many linguistic hoops to squeeze a joke into their roleplay.



Jasprose is Davepeta's sibling, in a sense, and they support each other through the unique experience of being the only sprite^2s. Nepeta, not understanding the concept of incest, is fine with the idea of dating her, but it creeps Dave way out.

Arquiusprite Edit

Arquiusprite is, presumably, Davepeta's moirail, since one of his halves is Nepeta's moirail. At the very least, he is their bro, as they have stated this. It's possible that Davepeta is vaguely attracted to Arquius, considering they wholeheartedly went along with Arquius's request for them to touch his muscles. However, that could simply be a sign of their excitement over seeing him, since both Dave and Nepeta have strong ties to his respective halves (Equius and Lil Hal).


  • The prototyping is oddly fitting, because Dave talked aboutSburb Logo having a catlike fursona back in Act 3.
  • During the Undertale-style fight scene in Collide, Davepetasprite^2 is shown to have 33 HP, matching the number used in Nepeta's quirk. Also, the fact that they are not sure about their genderSburb Logo could be a reference to Frisk, Undertale's main character, being genderless.
    • Another Undertale reference may be that their SOUL color (orange and green) represents Bravery (the orange SOUL) and Kindness (the green SOUL). Davepetasprite^2’s personality is shown to be both brave and kind.
  • Although Nepeta wasn't her dream self and the Dave found in Davesprite wasn't confirmed to have ascended to god tier, Davepeta's design features elements of Nepeta's dream outfit and a modified Time symbol, much like Jasprose's design.
  • Davepeta's existence was foreshadowed by Caliborn's drawingsSburb Logo, where he colored Nepeta's hair and claimed to be an original character right before killing them.
    • As many things Caliborn has said turned out to be the author's foreshadowing, it is possible they were killed offscreen.
    • He once voiced his distasteSburb Logo for pairing the colors orange and green.
  • When they are introduced, they say the a sentence similar to two other sprites, one of which is one of their prototyping components.
  • Davepeta says, in regard to Nepeta's previous attraction to Karkat, that they dont even f33l conflicted about that???, even though they would have expected to, and that it sorta f33ls right stillSburb Logo. This could be taken to imply that Davesprite was also (perhaps subconsciously) harboring some sort of attraction to Karkat as well, which makes sense given the frequentSburb Logo implicationSburb Logo throughout A6A6I5 of Dave and Karkat being interested in each other.
  • Andrew Hussie started a selfie campaign for people on the internet to take selfies with this pictureSburb Logo of Arquius and Davepeta hugging saying that, quote, 'I will delete this fucking website. If I don't see enough selfies out there, I will scrub Homestuck from the Akashic Servers and never speak its name again.', unquote. So, of course, it was incredibly successful, and you will still be able to see the evidence if you type it into a search engine.
  • Nepeta used the letters AC in her Trollian handle, whereas Dave always used TG, so they are technically the first sprite who complements each other.
  • Dave's associated classical element is fire, and Leo (Nepeta's associated zodiac sign) happens to be a fire sign.
  • Them attacking Lord English is an apparent reference to the Egyptian god Ra (a sun god appearing as a bird-like humanoid) attacking the snake demon Apophis in the form of a large cat.