Bro Strider


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Slime Bro

His mysterious ways transcend irony once again. Sburb Logo
Introduction PageSburb Logo First AppearanceSburb Logo


Dirk Strider - implied real name, confirmed through supplementary material


In his 30's, according to Homestuck Book 3 and DaveSburb Logo(deceased)

Typing Style

all lowercase, standard syntaxSburb Logo. seems to use short phrases.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Hash Map


Dirk - Post-Scratch Self
Dave - Adoptive younger brother; genetic son
Dirk's Bro, Roxy's Mom, Rose - Genetic offspring

Live(s) in

A high-rise apartment in the big city.


Beatdown (Strider Style) ♫
Beatdown Round 2 ♫
Beatdown DX ♫
Versus ♫
Knife's Edge ♫

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