Dave's Brain was alchemised by combining the Dead Fetus in a Jar with a self-portrait taken with the Captcharoid Camera.

It costs 1,000,000,000 of a hitherto unknown type of grist, seeing as the organ is virtually inimitable, but Dave was able to obtain the Captcha code by taking a picture of the hologram with the Captcharoid Camera.

Dave combined his brain with the Captcharoid Camera and a copy of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff to produce the SBAHJifier.

This method may have been employed by Dirk to captchalogue his brain and create Lil Hal, if his Bro somehow made a similar Captcharoid Camera without an alchemiter.

Of note, the unknown type of grist required to make an actual tissue copy of Dave's brain may have been available to the trolls in their session within LOBAF, though no such material seems to be available within the kids's session for such use.