Dammek's hive
Dammek's hive (right)




Outglut, Thrashthrust, Alternia


Dammek's lusus

Dammek's hive is located in Outglut. The hive is characterized by its overall uncleanliness and absurd security programs. Weapons, security panels and dirty laundry are a common sight in this building. It is the hive directly across from Xefros' hive.

Basement Edit

Dammek's basement

When Joey arrives on Alternia, she finds herself in Dammek's basement laboratory; it contains a second Cherub Portal, similar to the one found in Joey's attic in Half-Harley Manor. There is also a forklift, several crates, a storage elevator, a console and two large mechanical doors that, like most doors in Dammek's home, can be locked down. Through one of these doors is a bunker with a highly advanced computer and a wall of conspiracy theories, similar to Jude Harley's own in his tree house. Through this bunker is an air vent that leads to Dammek's Respiteblock.

Respiteblock Edit

Dammek's respiteblock

Dammek's respiteblock is covered in movie posters, weapons, books and discard drumsets. There is also a loft that leads to a hallway, that, in turn, leads to Dammek's kitchen. Dammek's Recuperacoon is located here.

Living Room Edit

This room contains Dammek's TV and computer. The doors here are set to automatically go into lock-down when tampered with. This room also leads to the main exit of the hive; surveillance panels showing various parts of the hive and the back entrance of Xefros' hive are near the front door..

Kitchen Edit

A simple kitchen, covered in dirty dishes and discarded food. It has a staircase that loops around to Dammek's loft space in his respiteblock.