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Antler troll

Dammek[1] is one of Hiveswap's protagonists. He is the troll who is sent to Earth in Joey's place. His name is derived from Adama, Hebrew for Earth, alluding to his role as the troll who was transported to Earth.

He's shown to be switching places with Joey in the art for the official website.


Dammek's most defining feature is horns shaped like antlers. He wears aviator-like sunglasses, a black hoodie with his symbol, grey pants, and black boots. His blood color appears to be bronze and his symbol resembles the Lepus astrological symbol (rabbit) with added prongs. He also has small fangs like most trolls.


Xefros TritohEdit

He is moirails with Xefros[2], and they are in a band known as "The Grubbles," in which he plays the drums for, as shown in the band's recent song, "Frondly Warning."



  • It is possible that his name is derived from "damma", which is Latin for deer, alluding to his antler-like horns.
    • His horns could also be a reference to bronze bloods' abilities to commune with animals,
  • The first known song made by their band is called "Broom Temperature".


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