Cronus Ampora
Hope Outline

Cronus sprite

Cronus talksprite

Homosuck Cronus


all these cats and kittens, im telling you. theyre alvways drawvn to the freaks and rejects. you havwe to be 8ROKEN in some vway to get a little concupiscent attention.Sburb Logo
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Bard of Hope


Possibly 9 solar sweeps/19 earth years [1]

Typing Style

Replaces 'v'and 'w' with 'vw' or 'wv'. Replaces 'B' with '8' when a word is rendered in all caps (e.g. "GLO8ES"). No capitalization, uses commas and ending punctuation.

Strife Specibi

Probably riflekind


Orphaner Dualscar - Post-scratch self
Eridan Ampora - Dancestor
Meenah Peixes, Latula Pyrope - Flushed crushes
Mituna Captor - Potential kismesis


Violet Mariner ♫
Violet Prince ♫

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