Croc nakking

Crocodile undead

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Land of Heat and Clockwork


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Crocodiles are the consorts that dwell upon the Land of Heat and Clockwork. Little is known about them. According to a conversation between Terezi and Dave, they have a tendency to eat you, but this is apparently just their way of being friendly.[1] They also appear to be heavily arrested by the LOHAC Stock Exchange, and do not seem to be aware that Dave is making a goddamn killing at their expense.

Some crocodiles took possession of Dave's belongings when he was sleeping, as Jade discovered when she pestered DaveSburb Logo. This is extremely odd, as it means they must have somehow gained access to his Sylladex.

Judging by statues seen on LOTAF, it seems Crocodiles are that planet's consorts as well.Sburb Logo


  • Their "nakking" may be a reference to highly flammable sodium-potassium alloy or NaK.

  1. This may be a reference to the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy series, where in one segment, the protagonist ends up on a planet that should be earth (But isn't in the current dimension), populated by crocodiles that will attempt to bite you very hard on the thigh, but this is stated to be "Just their way of being friendly."