Jade dials steak

The Cookalizer (Left) next to the Refrigerator (Right) in Jade's Bedroom.

The Cookalizer is an item belonging to Jade. It is first seen inside Jade's Gadget Chest within her bedroom.

The gizmo contains four options: thaw, cook, irradiate, and a fourth depicting a nuclear blast. Jade has been seen to use the irradiate option on a steak for her pet, and guardian, Becquerel.

The Cookalizer is one of the items accidentally left behind by Jade within the Frog Temple. It is later found by the Aimless Renegade in the future who decides to use the item, along with the refrigerator, to impress his new friends, Wayward Vagabond and Peregrine Mendicant by heating up their tinned food.

It is suggested that using the fourth setting would be disastrous (possibly resulting in a nuclear explosion), and Jade avoids using it because she is "not retarded".

It is mentioned that Jake has a Cookalizer, but its uranium was taken out to refuel the Transmaterializer.