N.B. This device has yet to be given an official name. As such, this title is not strictly canonical;
however, it has been chosen based on the appearance and apparent function of the device.
Coffee Machine

The Coffee Gadget is an item from Homestuck that produces coffee. Its first appearance was inside the meteor, one year into the journey to the post-scratch session. The coffee gadget appears to be a large grey pod with metal extensions. It is unknown how the gadget works, but Dave was able to obtain two cups of coffee by bonking it repeatedlySburb Logo. The coffee gadget is also notorious for making unbelievably shitty coffee, yet Dave claims that the shittiness makes it even more tempting. Rose also mentions the unctuous film on the surface that the coffee is known to produce when left to standSburb Logo.


Void session kingdom

When you see it you will shit bricks.

  • The coffee gadget looks like the Instant Revitalizing Machine from EarthBound. Dave describing the coffee as revitalizing is likely a reference to the sprite's origin.