Cloning pad

There's a lot of new junk in the registry. You wonder what all this stuff is for.

The Cloning Pad is a device that John, and thus, the rest of the kids, can deploy after John connects with Jade. It looks like the pad that the paradox clones are created on, just as the previous item in the Registry, the Ectobiology Apparatus, resembles its own counterpart. However, both deployable items differ in that they are relatively quite small, as they are to be used for the cloning of frogs.

Core devices
Cruxite dowel
+ Punch Designix
Punched card
Totem Lathe
Cruxite totem
Cruxite artifact
Alchemiter peripherals
Jumper Block ExtensionPunch Card ShuntHolopad
Other phernalia
Gristtorrent CDIntellibeam LaserstationEctobiology ApparatusCloning PadGrist RigUnknown Device

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