In Homestuck, the kids and post-scratch trolls use chat clients such as Pesterchum or Trollian to contact each other, with the exception of Jane Crocker, who uses BettyBother. Because of the unique alert messages of cheering and jeering, it is believed that the cherubs may be using a different chat client. Typically, a screen name consists of two words, with only the first letter of the suffix capitalized, and screen names are usually abbreviated with the first letter of each word in uppercase (for example ectoBiologist gets abbreviated to EB). It has been observed that there is a correlation between online handles and genetics within the game.

Character Chat Handle
John Egbert ghostyTrickster
Rose Lalonde tentacleTherapist [TT]
Dave Strider turntechGodhead [TG]
Davesprite turntechGodhead [TG]
Jade Harley gardenGnostic [GG]
Dad Egbert
Dad Crocker
Aradia Megido apocalypseArisen [AA]
Tavros Nitram adiosToreador [AT]
Sollux Captor twinArmageddons [TA]
Karkat Vantas carcinoGeneticist [CG]
Nepeta Leijon arsenicCatnip [AC]
Kanaya Maryam grimAuxiliatrix [GA]
Terezi Pyrope gallowsCalibrator [GC]
Vriska Serket arachnidsGrip [AG]
Equius Zahhak centaursTesticle [CT]
Gamzee Makara terminallyCapricious [TC]
Eridan Ampora caligulasAquarium [CA]
Feferi Peixes cuttlefishCuller [CC]
Doc Scratch None, but shows up as ?_? on Aradia's Trollian clientSburb Logo, ???????? on Kanaya'sSburb Logo, and ???????? on Gamzee'sSburb Logo.
Jane Crocker gutsyGumshoe [GG]
Roxy Lalonde tipsyGnostalgic [TG]
Dirk Strider timaeusTestified [TT]
Lil Hal
Dirk's Auto-Responder
timaeusTestified [TT]
Jake English golgothasTerror [GT]
Calliope uranianUmbra [UU]
Caliborn undyingUmbrage [uu]
Aranea Serket [AG]*Sburb Logo
The Condesce )(er Imperious Condescension [)(IC]
Draconian Dignitary The Dignitary

Trivia Edit

  • Excluding the handles of The Condesce, The Draconian Dignitary and Doc Scratch, all of the handles appear to have a connection to DNA and RNA.
    • T stands for Thymine, G for Guanine, A for Adenine and C for Cytosine.
      • Prior to changing it, John Egbert's chumhandle matched this pattern. After his changingSburb Logo his chumhandle to avoid the trolls, the chumhandle's potential connection to genetics is Ethidium Bromide; a potent mutagen used as a stain to detect DNA/RNA strands.
      • Even the handles of the Cherubs match the pattern, as U stands for Uracil, which only appears in RNA.

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