Charles Dutton
Charles Dutton
Oh, that this too too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into a dew! Sburb Logo
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Born January 30, 1951 (age 66)


Rose Lalonde - Owner of Dream Bubbles
Jade Harley - Creator of the Duttle, Prophetic Upkeeper
Andrew Hussie - Son

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Charles Stanley Dutton was an American actor known best for roles in Rudy, Alien 3, and House. He was the First Son of Skaia, father of Andrew Hussie, and a renowned prophet.

Charles was also the author of a philosophical breakthrough titled Dream Bubbles, which turned out to be mostly correct. The book contained informationSburb Logo regarding the Forge and LOFAF, as shown by the excerpt Dave read from Rose's book when Jade entered The Medium. The excerpt was a vision he had on the day of Jade's "birth". It appears he saw her planet in the medium. Specifically, the process of it changing from its original lush conditions to its initial in-game state as being frosted over. He also mentions Jade herself. This was also one of the four misattributed quotes that foretold the missions of the B1 Kids.

Jade once randomly scribbledSburb Logo and accidentally captchaloguedSburb Logo a ghost image of him with her Pictionary Modus. She would later alchemize it with a Squiddle doll to create the "Duttle", which accomplishes nothing besides weirding Jade outSburb Logo. She is apparently still in possession of it during the crossing of the Yellow Yard.Sburb Logo She also used it to create the Dutton bubble goggles, which allow her to see into eternity...forever.Sburb Logo

"Dutton" is also the name of one of the sixteen million attack techniques that Vriska Serket's Fluorite Octet is capable of, as seen hereSburb Logo.

Real LifeEdit

Charles Dutton is a fairly low-key actor with a strange history. He dropped out during middle school and became an underground boxer named Roc. He got into a fight to the death at the age of 17 and spent two years in prison, followed immediately by another term of three years. Afterwards, Dutton turned his life around and earned a master's degree in acting from the Yale School of Drama. He went on to create a short TV comedy-drama called Roc, loosely based on his past. His role in Homestuck as a spiritual author appears to be based on his character from the Showtime show The L Word, where he plays a Svengali-esque self-help guru.