Charselect UnmadePages

An error message that appeared when the reader was unable to select a character.

The character select screen is a screen that allows you to (what else?) select a character. It is a narrative framing device that gives the reader a small influence on the order in which they will progress through the story. It was introduced in Act 6.

If a character cannot be selected, they will be grayed out, this being the "universally understood UI convention for nonclickability."

If a character is meant to be selectable, but the pages aren't done yet, an informative (and, in Ms. Paint's case, apologetic) message will be shown. The first, second, third, and fifth time this message featured Andrew Hussie and the fourth time it featured Ms. Paint.  These messages are still visible on completed screens, and can be reached by right-clicking the flash and pressing "play" a few times.

The firstSburb Logo time the screen appears it only allows selection between Jane Crocker and Jake English. At the nextSburb Logo branching section it only permits selection between Roxy Lalonde and Dirk Strider. At the thirdSburb Logo(Sburb Logo/Sburb Logo/Sburb Logo/Sburb Logo) and fourthSburb Logo ones it allows selection of all four kids.

Along with a planet select screenSburb Logo, severalSburb Logo characterSburb Logo selectSburb Logo screensSburb Logo appearSburb Logo inSburb Logo Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 1. The fourth select screen and those following are technically supposed to be part of the "same" selection in-universe, however due to Caliborn filling the Act 6 Act 6 cartridge with stardust two of the paths have been rendered unselectable each time from glitches and the comic's progression at these points is still linear.

The next character select screen wouldn't appear for over a thousand pages, in A6A6I5Sburb Logo, where the reader can choose between eight different conversations. The dancing Hussie figure that appeared on the unfinished choices is the same as the dancing Trickster Jane, Jake and RoxySburb Logo image from A6A5A2. While a series of fake and linear character select screens (starting hereSburb Logo) were introduced later in A6A6I5, the next real oneSburb Logo was introduced shortly afterward, one last gluttonous chomp at the free will pie before you all say goodbye.