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Viceroy Bubbles Von Salamancer


John Egbert - Adoptive father
Unknown salamander - Mother(?)
Rose Lalonde - Master

Live(s) in

Land of Wind and Shade

Casey is a Salamander of Unknown Gender and was found at the Land of Wind and Shade and was named and adopted by John Egbert.

The salamander is named as such after a reenactment of a scene from Con Air in Act 4, after John rescues the bunny from being washed away in an oil river. He then "reunite[s] with [his] loving wife and daughter", presenting the Bunny to the confused salamander and kidnapping adopting "her".

Casey follows John back to his house after he takes the Return Node. Before blasting off with his Rocket Pack John captchalogues her in his Sylladex.

When John ends up on the Land of Light and Rain at Rose's house he lets Casey out of his Sylladex, leaving "her" behind when he sets off to explore with Dr. Meowgon Spengler.

When Rose awakes to find the salamander in her room, she dubs "him" 'Viceroy Bubbles Von Salamancer', also changing his perceived gender. Rose then combines a captcha of the Viceroy, along with her eldritch plush, via her Alchemiter to create the Huggable Soft Salamancer Plush. Rose then alchemizes the Viceroy a wizarding outfit and appoints 'him' as her familiar, in charge of carrying her wands, as it is much more dramatic than using a Sylladex.

It is assumed that Rose takes the Viceroy on the remainder of her travels, as "he" is seen last of the Land of Heat and Clockwork. However, after Rose went grimdark, "he" is abandoned and left behind there.

Since the scratch, Casey has joined John and Jade on the Prospitian battleship as they ride towards the new session. Casey was seen sleeping inside the battleship next to the five planets of the pre-scratch session. As the Viceroy, "he" wears a black Rag of Demons and Rose's purple striped scarf. "He" wields a Crook of Frailty to perform Necromancy.

A building in Can Town is named the Bubbles Von Salamancer Memorial LibrarySburb Logo, either because Rose simply misses "him" or because she actually presumed "him" to be dead.

Later, it is revealed that Casey is using their necromancy to raise an army of undead consorts, including iguanas, crocodiles, turtles and lizards salamaders. During [S] Collide, Casey uses this army to aid Jane and Jake in their battle against The Felt, with mixed results.

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