While Andrew Hussie jokingly announced that all fantrolls are canon, the true canon fan trolls are trolls created by fans that actually appear in Homestuck. The requirement to be canonized was for their creators to donate $10,000 to the Homestuck Adventure Game Kickstarter. Two backers actually pledged to this reward tier, each paying $10,000 to the campaign, but unfortunately, since neither of them donated to the next tier up, $100,000, their fantrolls were not guaranteed to survive for more than a single panel.

They finally appeared in Hero Mode hereSburb Logo and, as expected, lasted for exactly one panel before their entire planet was obliteratedSburb Logo by a cherub later revealed to be Caliborn and Calliope's father. Their names, Trollian handles, and other background information were not revealed in-comic. The post-scratch iteration of Earth was shown to be in the same universe as them, relocated there apparently as part of the Condesce's plan to revive the troll race in the universe created in the B2 session.Sburb Logo This either suggests the Condesce succeeds with her plan or that in the event of her failure, Kanaya's goalSburb Logo of reviving the troll race if she could get a new matriorb succeeds, and that the relocation of Earth is still carried out without the Condesce, possibly to still serve the same purpose the Condesce had intended for it.

As of March 26, 2015's Kickstarter Update #18 for Hiveswap, art assets depicting the two fantrolls shown by Andrew have indicated that they may appear in the game.


Mierfa Durgas
Created by SympathyPlan.
Nektan Whelan
Created by Jedediah Long.


  • As has been occasionally seen with canon trolls, especially Gamzee, the fan trolls' shirt symbols are considerably brighter than their blood colours. The hue of Nektan's symbol is 300, which matches violet blood; however, Mierfa's hue is 223, which is roughly in the middle of cobalt (210) and indigo (230) blood, with a slight leaning towards the latter (although she is stated to be a cobalt blood by her creator).
  • Andrew also neglected to draw part of Mierfa's symbol; specifically, there should be two additional "arms" on the sides of the circle. If these were to be included, however, the symbol would match the sign of the constellation Perseus. Additionally, Nektan's horn lacks a small protrusion at the tip.
  • On 4/14, the fantrolls' debut panel appeared on the updated Homestuck Adventure MapMspa icon on the MSPA website as one of the various panels you could link directly to in the Act 6 Intermission 5 section.
  • Sweet Jeff and Hella Bro cosplayed as the two of them on page 31PXS icon of the PXS comic Summerteen Romance.
  • Both of these trolls exist in the universe that was created during Act 7. They are both killed by Calliope and Caliborn's father, before he lays their egg on Earth C. This is evidence that, while the civilization seen during the Credits and various snapchats has long since fallen, trolls and humans have left Earth C to colonize other planets in the new universe.

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