Calliope and Caliborn's parents were a pair of spacefaring cherubs.

Mother's BiographyEdit


Calliope and Caliborn's mother was a benevolent cherub that had spent several eons roaming her galaxy before she eventually began searching for a mate. She was the good half of her body, and successfully predominated her brother before reaching maturity. Though she experienced personal growth after her predomination day, she would always live with a sense that her other half was missing.

She began tracking a male cherub's scent. She followed his path of carnage, the debris from civilized worlds and star systems he left behind. His long path of genocide made her extremely furious. She knew her quest for a mate was not just about the propagation of her species, but the liberation of billions from a monster. Once she defeated her mate, it can be assumed she took over his territory. What happened to her after is unknown.

Father's BiographyEdit


Calliope and Caliborn's father was a particularly destructive malevolent cherub. He destroyed several planets, including the one on which two particularly doomed trolls resided. In terms of personality, Aranea thinks that he was most likely motivated by little other than to conquer and destroy.

He eventually lured Calliope and Caliborn's mother to a massive black hole where the planet he was hatched on once resided. After losing the fight against his mate, he slithered away in disgrace, and deposited the egg containing Calliope and Caliborn onto the now dead and barren planet Earth. After depositing the egg, he flew away and never returned. Aranea muses that perhaps his son even went on to exceed him in violent tendencies.

Speculation Edit

Aranea weaves a story of cherubs for John which may be metaphorical to the events currently transpiring, and the pictures we are given may be representations of generic cherubs. Due to the nature of Paradox Space being responsible for creating both those that play the game as well as their progenitors, and the fact that Hussie has played on the topic of ectobiological incest in the past and trolls not understanding incest taboos, it is possible that Calliope and Caliborn may in fact be their own parents. Part of Aranea's story of cherub parentage states that cherubs are naturally attracted to those that represent their other half from before predomination.

There have been a couple Freudian slips from Caliborn, such as only having a few moves left before he "CAN MATE WITH HER" in relation to their game of chess. When Dirk is creating the 'SMuT' for Caliborn, Dirk comments on pairing combinations and makes the statement "Minus n is so you don't pair people up with themselves. That wouldn't make sense." to which Caliborn replies "AND WHY THE FuCK NOT??". This theory would fit into Caliborn's Lord English persona being "already here" and a persistent presence throughout Paradox Space, as well as the cherub mating symbolism of Uroboros mythology (and the Captcha of their jujus).


  • The relationship between the two resembles in many ways that between the Peregrine Mendicant and Jack Noir. Both involve a benevolent female with white wings following the trail of destruction left by a malevolent male with black wings whom she believes to be her kismesis. Aranea's description of the two parents respectively as "hardened 8y o8sessive pursuit of justice" and "seemingly motiv8ted 8y little other than to conquer and destroy" could also equally well apply to PM and Jack.