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Cake is a common item in Homestuck. It appears that Mr. Egbert has been doing a lot of baking and there's a ton of it all over the house. John is sick of cake already, and uses it instead for Hilarious Antics, which makes a huge mess. Even after Mr. Egbert stopped baking cakes, Nannasprite started filling the foyer with Cakes, albeit blue ones, during the flight of the Prospitian Battleship.

Cake is an essential part of Dad's Auto-Pastry ability.

Half of a cake recipe is shown written on the back of a photograph in Mr. Egbert's wallet, which John found on The Battlefield with the Wizardly Vassal.

Most Cakes in Homestuck have Betty Crocker frosting, much to John's dismay, as he detests Betty Crocker.


  • In Homestuck there is also a programming language called ^CAKE, which is a pun on "carrot cake".

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