Bust-Smuggling Ship

The Bust-Smuggling Ship was a small boat owned by Mobster Kingpin in Problem Sleuth. MK used the ship to, as suggested by the name, transport busts throughout the land without being detected by the authorities. While the ship was transporting three busts, one of which had a pair of Sunglasses, through the waters near the Gutterpipe Projects, Nervous Broad tightened her Aspect Corset. This caused the Aspect Valve to extend over the water and into the hull of the ship. Once the valve was retracted, the ship, along with its crew, sank into the depths of the ocean.

Sometime later, Higgs Bonehead and his Whale went on a treasure hunt under the waters, where they re-discovered the destroyed ship and its deceased crew. HB took this opportunity to raid the ship and stole the large amount of spondulicks hidden in its busts.

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