Business Cards are cards seen in Problem Sleuth as seemingly over the top advertising campaigns used to sell specific merchandise and services. The majority of the cards heavily use double entendre sentences, while none of the services actually provide any actual sexual service, with the exception of one. Each character trapped in their room appears to have a card that would allow them to call a specified location. Mobster Kingpin is the only one that does not appear to get a card, but by the time we encounter him in the game he is far well into the progress of Escaping his Office that he may have discarded it or used it in some fashion. The cards serve no real use other than for Ace Dick who calls Busts-R-Us and gets the Legitimate Establishment, and then when receiving the card from Problem Sleuth, calls the other Busts-R-Us and promptly gets mugged and trapped by unscrupulous whores. It should be noted that one of the business cards makes refence to Madame Murel, who wouldn't appear until much later in the story.

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